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Very well said.

You have just earned a new loyal friend, and I've never even been to your site before. I love your original take on this issue. You are one classy dude! And thanks to Alicat of Something So Clever for bringing me here.

Best cheese sandwich yet --


Interesting perspective and post.

Interesting perspective and post.

Wonderful post. I am doing a write-up of all the Cheese Sandwich sightings and will include this as a link. Great job.

Mr Wells is the exact antithesis of everthing Men in Aprons stands for. It's that kind of attitude that will come back to haunt him some day. Someone so wiling to dismiss a new form of technology, communication, and expression is probably afraid of it.

That is a fantastic way to look at the Wells article. Great post David! Very intruiging and well written. :o)

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